The Photograph in the 21st century: Mr Right or Mr Right now?

01 Nov

The next time you take out your smart phone to snap a photo, consider this: is your photo just a moment’s flirtation, or is it a ‘keeper’?


Last century, that would have been an easy question. Then, every roll of film we painstakingly shot yielded a folder of printed photos from which only the most irremediable were banished. The double 4″x6″ prints were then shared and carefully preserved for decades as treasured mementos of lives well lived and loved. Now, every time we take a photo we create a new and unique relationship, one that may last no longer than it takes to shoot the photo off to a friend. Some of these quick photos seem meant only as a form of chat, like that quick snap sent from a busy street to tell your bestie that you’re cruising the boulevard. But others capture moments we know will never come again.

Whatever the original impulse to snap that pic, sooner or later we have to make a choice to delete it or save it. And it is then that we know if we’ve created a lasting relationship or if the photo was just a flash in the pan. But remember, something about the scene probably spoke to your heart or mind, or you wouldn’t have taken the trouble to capture it. So before you casually thumb that delete key on your latest pic, think about whether you are kissing goodbye to a good thing.


Photo by Sabrina Caldwell, 2000.  Sydney 2000 Olympics at the Canberra soccer pool match between USA and the Czech Republic


2 responses to “The Photograph in the 21st century: Mr Right or Mr Right now?

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