Open Invitation to Photobloggers Everywhere

14 Jan

According to the stats site, as of today (14 January 2014), there are over 74 million blogs in the world on WordPress alone.

A moment of WordPress activity bursts with (maybe) me in it

A moment of WordPress activity bursts
with (maybe) me in it

Let’s assume that only 5% of them are about photography and are in English or Spanish (the languages I understand). That whittles the list right down to 3.7 million blogs. And of these, let’s say only 10% are on photography topics that I care about, with photographs that excite me, and are written in a voice that sings to me.

That means that there are potentially 370,000 WordPress photography blogs in existence right now that I would dearly love to follow. I’m thinking I probably won’t get to them all. More importantly, how can I find the ones that are key to my continuing research of credibility issues in photography?

What if while I was looking for them, they were also looking for me? So I’d like to offer an open invitation to photo bloggers everywhere to respond to this post and help me find you by letting me know how our photography interests are similar.

As a guide, there are three aspects I am looking for in a photoblog:

a) interesting photography. If it is interesting to you, it will probably show in the photos you display in your blog.

b) descriptive text accompanying the images to let me know more about what the photograph means. Good photographs tell their own story, but I am also interested in what they tell me about the world and about you. I like answers to all the ‘w’ words: where, when, who, why, and how.

c) you are exploring photo credibility issues as I am.

In the meantime I’ll keep searching. I have gotten to some, and aren’t they fantastic!

Rich Ditch’s Photography Blog – sensitive photography of nature and art and lots of description

Force of Seeing – insightful musings on the nature of photography

Michigan in Pictures – because Michigan is part of who I am

Tom Slatin Photography – because I’m still trying to get through his list of “50 WordPress-Based Photography Blogs I Encourage You to Visit

draw and shoot – blurring the line between art, nature and photography

I’m really interested to see if this invitation finds the people who want to find me!



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