Matched set – nature’s mellow, yellow-gold

28 Feb

Just as I described sometimes wanting to do more with The Photographicalist [1], sometimes I want to do less. When this mood assails me, it is a great opportunity for me to explore another of my interests – synergy and symmetry between ideas, patterns, landscapes, people, lines, curves, functions. The idea is to find ways to illustrate photographically how patterns repeat in nature and society.

So occasionally I will forgo the essay and assemble a set of photographs that have aligned sympathies in some facet of their essence.

The inaugural ‘matched set’ appears below. I have entitled it Nature’s mellow, yellow-gold, because nature seems to love these hues.


Sunset at the Top of the World
Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia
26 March 2002


Rainbow Lorikeet Pair
At home in Tuross Head, NSW Australia
15 September 2001


Yellow Ranunculus
Floriade, ACT Australia
10 November, 2002

PHOTOGRAPHS: All photographs by Sabrina Caldwell, and other than resizing for web use, no alterations have been done to the photographs.
[1]  Critiquing photography: A different perspective 23 Feb 2014

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