Matched Set: Australian rural mailboxes

27 Apr

Rural property in Australia is a wonder. There are post and wire fences running alongside kilometers of highway that might delineate a single holding. Bush blocks are carefully tended or neglected with little visible difference. Land holdings meander across creeks and forests, homes tucked deep within. Large farms are grazed by local types of ruminants, clouds of dust or fertiliser billowing behind tractors and raucous flocks of the Sulpher-crested cockatoos flitting forward and back through the endless skies like schools of noisy fish.  Sunny hills bloom with verdant sweeps of canola and wheat.

Naturally it takes a special person to live, let alone make a living, on such properties. These folks are individuals, living to the rhythm of a different clock in a community that has different perspectives on the priorities of life than city-dwellers. One way in which these differences are expressed is in mailbox art:

Yass May, 2008

Lot 87, Near Yass – May, 2008


RMB 147 Captain’s Flat area, April 1999

Castlereigh Highway near Mudgee, NSW 2002

Castlereigh Highway near Mudgee, NSW 2002

3852 Araluen Road, Araluen, July 2005

3852 Araluen Road,
Araluen, July 2005

It must be great fun for the rural posties who deliver the mail to have the line of ordinary mailboxes punctuated with such quirky creations!


All photographs were taken by me and unmanipulated other than resizing for online use.


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One response to “Matched Set: Australian rural mailboxes

  1. Kyle Samper

    May 16, 2014 at 10:00 am

    If you don’t wash and whipper-snipper once in a while your alien mailbox might get coated by the raucous flocks or overtaken by the verdant sweeps.


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