The Photographicalist and La Filósofa Fotográfica

08 Jun

Detail of wool wallhanging.

Detail of wool wall hanging [2]

Read in Spanish

According to Nations Online, Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world, after Chinese, Hindi, and English. Over 400 million people in 44 countries speak Spanish. [1]

My second grade teacher, Señora Lopez, inspired my love of the Spanish language and culture, though my experience of both is limited to a few Spanish-speaking friends and perhaps a half-dozen trips to Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada in Mexico.

Recently, after building on my two lejanos years of high school Spanish, I started a new, hermana blog called La Filósofa Fotográfica to eventually translate The Photographicalist into Spanish and engage with photographers and others interested in photography who see the world through Spanish perspectives.

So from now on, you may occasionally see a link on a post (like the link above) that shows that I’ve translated that post into Spanish on La Filósofa Fotográfica.  And if you are reading the post in Spanish on La Filósofa Fotográfica, there will be a link that will bring you here to The Photographicalist to read it in English.



[1] Nations Online. .  Accessed May 2014
[2] A Mexican or South-American wool wall hanging I bought from a Los Angeles museum art gallery; unfortunately I had not retained the specific details of where it was made.

[ lejanos means long ago / far away ; hermana means sister ]



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