11 Oct

“Photography is not selfish. Although it captures the moment, it doesn’t keep it. Photography gives back to the viewer the fraction of time which it once captured. Making it generous for years and even generations to come.”

Quote by photographer Mickey Burrow

It’s easy to fail to fully appreciate that our photographs are an important resource to us. Because they are ubiquitous, we often take them for granted as just a part of our lives. But should we lose them, we are devastated. Photographs help us to celebrate happy times, live through difficult ones, and highlight all our most momentous experiences.  We count on them to help us remember with precision and clarity loved people and places we might otherwise recall only indistinctly, faces blurred by the passage of the years, colours dimly recalled, landscapes faded. Like kind and compassionate friends, photographs succour us, and bring us joy. Surely, in one of Guan Yin’s thousand hands devoted to helping us, there rests a photo album.


Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Great Compassion Shrine Nan Tien Temple Woolongong NSW Australia

Avalokitesvara  by Sabrina Caldwell 11 November 2008; photograph unaltered other than resizing for web use

According to the Nan Tien Temple in Woolongong, “Avalokitesvara can be loosely translated as “the compassionate sage who sees,” referring to this Bodhisattva’s ability to see all the suffering in the world and thus come to people’s aid. She is said to have one thousand eyes and hands with which to save all sentient beings. Guan Yin takes a variety of forms; the Front Shrine’s primary statue portrays her with a third eye in the middle of her brows, and multiple hands.” [1]

[1] Nan Tien Temple, Accessed 11 October 2015.

The benevolence of photographs

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