Wildlife weekend: n=8

18 Sep

I photograph wildlife in and around Tuross Head practically every weekend.  There is a diverse and thriving ecosystem here, and it is a privilege to be able to turn my camera lens in so many enticing directions.

This weekend I noticed that I had captured quite a few different animals, including ones I had never seen here before, black sea hares. It has spurred me on to create an ongoing challenge for myself: how many different wild animals can I get (good) photographs of in a single weekend?  I’m calling my new goal ‘wildlife weekend,’ and I’m starting now with my first offering in this series with a gallery of 8 animals, taken 17-18 September, 2016.

Click on the photos to see them in greater detail.


From top left spiraling to center:

Seagull looking over its shoulder, resting on stratified layers of sand
built up while Coila Lake was open to the sea this winter

Beautiful small bronze lizard growing a new tail

Black sea hare, one of many dozen in a feeder creek to Coila Lake

School of baby salmon, about 40 shown here

Rabbit with a pompom tail about to disappear into the bracken

Glossy magpie eyeing me to see if I’m going to
interrupt his lunch of backyard worms and bugs (I’m not)

White crane on a roof – if you look carefully you’ll see how
its neck folds up into its body, and its graceful fine long skirt feathers

A sleepy red-belly black snake.


Photographs: All photos by Sabrina Caldwell.  All photos except red-bellied black snake and magpie cropped to allow animals to be seen easier, all photos resized for web-use.  No other alterations.



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