“I always know I’m talking to a gardener or a photographer if at any given time, they know where the light is.”                 – Betsy Cañas Garmon –


Photographs are impressions of light. The light we know best is daylight, but there are many sources of this abundant yet precious commodity.


The Light we photograph series

The Light we photograph: daylight


Understanding light is as important to a photographer as understanding water is to a scuba diver, or understanding air is to a pilot. Of course everyone understands daylight. Or do we?

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 The Light we photograph: spacelight


What about when we turn our eyes (and our camera lenses) towards the night sky and star-spangled darkness of space?  From where (and when) does that light come?

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 Other light discussions

Of fish and fledglings


The photo effects of light through a bird’s wings or glancing of the water of a koi pond …

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  Flaming Molecules


What exactly are we photographing when we frame up flames in our viewfinders? Light, surely, but from where? What makes a fire burn? Why do flames appear above and around the wood, not just on its surface? Why are there glowing coals inside the flames?

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