Matched Sets

Do you like to see a subject from a range of different perspectives? Often with lots of discussion? Then my ‘Matched Set’ series is for you. Choose below to see several images of particular animals, objects, and concepts.

Kangaroo, Tidbinbilla

Australian kangaroos

Who doesn’t love kangaroos? They are an iconic animal woven into the fabric of the Australian landscape.

Akaroa Head lighthouse in its new location in Akaroa Town

A few lighthouses of Australia and New Zealand

Australia is the only country that is also a continent.  With about 30,000 kilometers of coastline and a robust shipping industry, lighthouses proliferated in Australia during the twentieth century.

Castlereigh Highway near Mudgee, NSW 2002

Australian rural mailboxes

Rural property in Australia is a wonder. Naturally it takes a special person to live, let alone make a living, on such properties. These folks are individuals. One way in which their individuality is expressed is in mailbox art.

A Silver Gull takes wing Tuross Lake boat ramp, Tuross Head, NSW

Busy waterbirds

Don’t we love to watch the serenity of a duck floating on a pond or a cormorant contentedly drying itself with spread wings in the afternoon sun? But waterbirds are actually very busy creatures.  This matched set of photos attempts to illuminate some of this hustle and bustle.


Nature’s mellow yellow gold

This is the inaugural ‘matched set.’ I entitled it Nature’s mellow, yellow-gold, because nature seems to love these hues.


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