The Case of …

Do you enjoy reading investigations of photographs? Then my ‘The Case of …’ series will be just your cup of tea!



The Case of the Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Could this moth be any cuter? I don’t think so. I instantly wanted to have them in my garden, or keep one as a pet. And to think that Nature dreamed up something so adorable, that even flies!

Or did she?    —    Well, maybe. Let’s do a bit of data mining on the visual and textual information supplied in Google’s info window and see if my first impressions of this moth were based on fact or fiction.


The Case of the cold Holstein and the BMW

Is this photo real?  I put the question to 80 participants as part of an eye gaze experiment using infra-red light eye tracking to see what people looked at when they saw this image.  The answers were surprising.


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